Save That Baguette French Toast

by Feb 8, 2023

I usually make breadcrumbs from leftover baguette (whir in blender and keep in the freezer) but french toast is way better! Go ahead and make a big batch. The extras keep well a day or two, revive them in the toaster—almost good as new!

Using a fork, stir together 2 or 3 eggs, a splash of milk or cream (or some of each), a few drops of vanilla, and a tiny bit of sweet if you like that (today I added a shake of powdered sugar) then soak pieces of day old baguette for 5 or 10 minutes while you heat the griddle or find the pan, and get out a few plates, silverware, and butter. They’re good plain or with a dusting of powdered sugar, fruit compote, jam, or maple syrup, however you like it. I’ve been into maple cream recently—Kris Fitzgerald at Woods Rose Market in Livingston will fix you up with all the kinds, straight from Vermont.

For half a baguette, I use 3 eggs and stir everything together directly in a rectangle Pyrex; scale things up or down, whatever you need. Soak slices in a single layer and flip them over to get both sides. Melt some butter on the griddle/pan and cook until golden on both sides and transfer to a rack.

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