Welcome to my kitchen.


It’s my command center and studio, office, and playground. It’s where I find my keys, phone and sunglasses, and keep all my toys—wood bowls and boards, blown glass and just jars, stacks of linen, and too many spoons. There’s a salt dish from Italy with multiple repairs, copper from France, and chocolate, if you know where to look.

I have a thing for wine and it starts with the vines, how they stand sturdy in their place, stretched wide with roots deep. People say that with wine we drink sunshine and taste stars…I agree.

My mission is to bring joy and an embodied health into our food culture. I believe that Intuitive Eating can help people connect with their bodies, eat well, and feel good—I’m certified by the co-founders Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch to share the good news! I’m the field editor for Edible Bozeman, a Certified Wine Professional of the CIA, Oracle survivor (20+ years), and professionally trained cook—Napa Valley, San Francisco, and Provence. I moved from the SF Peninsula to Bozeman, Montana when I fell in love.

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Amy’s enthusiasm, love, and appreciation of food is contagious!  She simplifies cooking in a way that gives room for pleasant moments in the kitchen.  Amy created and delivered a series of hands-on cooking classes for my clients this fall, an innovative and effective enhancement to their self-care and recovery.

Paige Reddan MS RD LN CDE

Transforming Nutrition Care & Eating Disorder Center of Montana

Thank you for doing another cooking class and helping people have fun together while they learn to cook better and feed themselves food that will improve their health!  Your sunny personality combined with your depth of knowledge is exactly what is needed.

Becky Franks

Executive Director of the Cancer Support Community, Montana

Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge.  We are truly inspired to eat and live with intention.  Thank you for also being a positive, radiant teacher and for sharing your chocolate connection with us 🙂 

Courtney Fitzpatrick

Learning & Development, Wisetail


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