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by Apr 12, 2017



My son and I drove over to check out operations at MT Gourmet Mushrooms last Friday and learned about mycelium, uses for a 37K pound autoclave, fruiting, and all the work that goes into culinary mushroom growing.  Paul even sent Calvin home with his own bag of shiitake spawn–what a guy!



Paul and Calvin with shitake inoculated substrate, “the bag”


Calvin isn’t yet interested in eating many mushrooms, but I cook with them frequently, especially with a grower in our community.   Stop by Paul’s table at the Bozeman Winter Farmers’ Market, say hi, and buy some mushrooms!  (There’s one this Saturday 4/15.)


Delicious things to make with mushrooms:


Other Mushroom Tips:

  • Mushrooms are like little sponges, minimize their contact with water
  • Cultivated mushrooms are usually quite clean, just brush off any dirt with a soft brush (official “mushroom brush” or a soft toothbrush dedicated to kitchen chores)–I usually rinse the brush under hot water a couple times during cleaning a bunch (like a pound)
  • Store mushrooms in the refrigerator with two goals:  1) retain their moisture and 2) prevent decay.  Do this by keeping mushrooms in a paper sack put inside a plastic produce bag with several holes ripped in it.  Store on a shelf, not in the produce drawers, as those can get too humid for the mushrooms.
  • Dry your own mushrooms by leaving them out on a plate at room temperature for a few days — great thing to do with any extras you aren’t going to cook


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