Sugar Cookies with Icing

by Feb 14, 2017


I hear my daughter’s three-year-old voice every time I gaze at a beautiful bakery display, “Special treat?”  (Sounds like “tweet”.  Awww…so sweet.  And years before those were a thing.)


Miette always had the best special treats:  cupcakes, each with a swirl of raspberry buttercream and a tiny gum paste flower, small scones flecked with cocoa nibs and orange zest, stacks of round graham crackers with scalloped edges, rose geranium macarons, I swoon just thinking about them. I swoon thinking about our stroller years in San Francisco, and all the special treats we shared on the benches by the waterfront.




Jane’s creating her own recipes now, this is her icing. The bakery-style cookie (that holds the shape of your cookie cutter with a clean edge — hooray!) is adapted from Peggy Porschen’s lovely book, Pretty Party Cakes.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

For updated recipe, please see Sugar Cookies, updated April 2022.


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