Amy’s Gluten-Free “All-Purpose” Flour Mix (Cup4Cup knock off)

by Mar 4, 2014


“Is it gluten free?”  An innocent, yet cuttingly honest inquiry I was getting from my kids before they would reach into the cookie jar.  Sigh.  Even if I lied, (“Gosh, I don’t know.”), the disappointment in their faces after taking a bite crushed me.  Deep breath.  They’re right.  Why bother with a ho-hum cookie just because “it’s gluten free”?

Enter a flour mix that will change the game for you and your baking.  No more disclaimers.  Anything you make with this flour will taste great!  My best chocolate chip cookies are now made with this flour – everyone likes them, and I don’t have to check if anyone has a rice intolerance before serving them.  Enter the new “all purpose” flour.

The Cup 4 Cup flour blend developed by bakers at the French Laundry got me tinkering with my flour mix.  I didn’t want to use cornstarch (their main ingredient), but I did like the idea of adding milk powder, which seems to improve the texture of bakery goodies dramatically.  I use Bob’s Red Mill flours and a scale – much faster (and more accurate) than measuring multiple flours with cups.  Make a big canister and get baking!

Amy's Gluten-Free "All-Purpose" Flour Mix (Cup4Cup knockoff)


  • 20 oz. white rice flour
  • 14 oz. brown rice flour
  • 10 oz. tapioca flour
  • 8 oz. potato flour
  • 8 oz. buttermilk powder


  1. Whisk together all flours in a large bowl then transfer to a canister.

Recipe Notes / Tips

  • When baking, add 1 teaspoon xanthan gum for every approximate 3 cups of flour in your recipe.

  • Potato starch is not the same as potato flour.  Potato flour is made from whole potatoes whereas potato starch is washed out of crushed potatoes, then dried and powdered.  There is no flavor and very little nutrition in starch.

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