Cucumber CAP and Ginger Juice

by Sep 22, 2011

Cucumber CAP Juice
Overflowing CSA produce box?  Get a bit carried away at the farmers market last weekend?  Just want to eat more fruits and veggies?  Juicer to the rescue!  I wrote last year about overcoming my resistance to buying an “unnecessary piece of kitchen equipment”, and I still feel that a juicer, although a luxury, isn’t unnecessary in a health (and pleasure) conscious kitchen.
While you have the juicer out, it is a great time to make some fresh ginger juice.  In fact, run the ginger through first, then proceed with your fruit and veggie juice combo — most juice blends taste better with a little “piquant” in them anyway.  Store the pure ginger juice on its own in the refrigerator and add a tablespoon or two to your tea, your water, your glass of fresh juice, whatever.  (Having ginger’s stimulating flavor at the ready is just about reason enough for me to give the juicer permanent countertop space.)
Cucumber CAP  (aka Cucumber, Carrot, Apple and Pear Juice)
makes 1 pitcher juice, approx. 6 servings
6 small organic (or farm fresh) carrots
3 fresh, organic (or farm fresh) cucumbers
3 organic pears
3 organic apples
1 lemon
1.  Wash and dry all fruits and vegetables.  Feed through juicer.
Amy’s Kitchen Coach Tips
  • Use fresh, organic cucumbers.  Hot house cukes will do in a pinch.  You do not want to use the wax-coated cucumbers from the grocery.
  • I state “organic” produce, but farm or garden fresh produce will do nicely.
  • Simply scrub any dirt from the produce under running water, but do not peel anything.  Put the whole fruit or veg in the juicer, stem, core and all.
  • For ginger juice:  buy ginger and scrub under running water, but do not peel.  Juice away.
  • Juice is best the day it is made, but will keep in the refrigerator for a day or two. 

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