Asparagus Appetizers with Soy Vinaigrette

by May 29, 2009


I’ve had this recipe in my stash since my single girl days — something I clipped from Self magazine. These asparagus appetizers are loved by men, women and children, and have served me well through the years, pepping up the pot luck faire everywhere from poolside to girls’ night to sailing with the boys. Make them for you, yourself and you too — they keep well in the fridge for a couple days.

Asparagus Appetizers with Soy Vinaigrette
serves 4 – 6

1 bunch organic asparagus, rinsed in water

Soy Vinaigrette:
2 tablespoons organic tamari or soy sauce
2 tablespoons toasted sesame oil, ideally expeller pressed
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
2 teaspoons sake or dry sherry
pinch of unrefined sugar
optional garnish: 2 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds
1. Blanch asparagus in salted boiling water for about 3 minutes until tender-crisp, then immediately shock in a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking. Remove from ice water and dry asparagus on a clean towel.

2. Put vinaigrette ingredients in a small jar or glass measuring cup and shake or whisk to combine. Drizzle some or all of the vinaigrette over asparagus and toss to coat. Transfer to serving platter and optionally sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds. Serve chilled or at room temperature.
Amy’s Kitchen Coach Tips
  • To prepare the asparagus for blanching, rinse in water and snap the ends off each spear by holding just below the tip with one hand and at the end of the stem with the other then bending the spear. The asparagus will break naturally at the tender/fibrous boundary.
  • Tamari is a wheat free soy sauce. Either tamari or soy sauce work well in the vinaigrette. (Vinaigrette is also excellent on chicken salad.)


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