Recipe: Farro with Roasted Vegetables, Citrus Vinaigrette, Hakurei Turnip Salad with Orange and Fennel from Edible Bozeman Fall 2020

Featured in Edible Bozeman Digital Edition, Fall 2020, pp. 40-41.
Creative Contributions: Writing, Recipe

“Farro is a culinary form of ancient grain that is usually sold “semi-pearled” or “pearled” which is a fancy way of saying that the inedible hull (and possibly some of the bran under the hull) has been partially or completely removed, hence speeding up the cooking time from whole berries. Farro is usually made with emmer, but sometimes einkorn and spelt. The organic, semi-pearled Farro from Timeless Natural Foods is a form of emmer. Farro is chewy and satisfying and good in grain salads and risotto-like main dishes.”

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