Meyer Lemons, Green Garlic, and Castelfranco Radicchio Edible Bozeman Spring 2023

Featured in Edible Bozeman, In Season, Issue 16, Spring 2023.
Creative Contributions: Writing, Illustration, Recipe

“What I love about drawing is that it’s mostly a meditation, just seeing and making marks with my pen. I’m a pen and ink gal, but my first editor at Edible Bozeman nudged me to watercolor my illustration, which I was somewhat resistant to at first. Now I love that phase of the illustration…it’s a leap of faith to put water and color on ink that isn’t 100% waterproof, but it is such a great lesson in acceptance and letting things flow instead of controlling everything. So! If you’re a recovering Type A perfectionist, I recommend sitting still with some paper and a pen, and then, some watercolors. (A glass of wine doesn’t hurt!)”

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