Fuyu Persimmon, Shiso, and Baby Romaine Edible Bozeman Winter 2024

Featured in Edible Bozeman, In Season, Issue 19, Winter 2024.
Creative Contributions: Writing, Illustration, Recipe

“Persimmons are lovely in winter salads. Make a vinaigrette with a wine vinegar like rosé or Champagne, a dab of Dijon mustard, lots of freshly ground black pepper, a pinch of salt, and olive or walnut oil. For the salad, bring together flavors and textures like toasted walnuts; shavings of dry, salty cheese like ricotta salata or Manchego; and, if you’re a fan of bitter, some leaves of escarole, radicchio, endive, or frisée—on their own or mixed with mild salad greens—all tossed with slices of persimmon.”

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