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Natural popcorn with heart healthy olive oil.  
No microwave.  No bag of chemicals.  And no, not “fat free”.  Just crispy, salty, deliciously aromatic and satisfying popcorn.  Fun for movie night.  A great snack to share with friends when you’re enjoying a little wine.  Be brave.  Pop some corn…“sizzle-sizzle, sizzle-sizzle, sizzle-sizzle, POP!” 
makes 8 cups

organic popcorn

peanut oil
sea salt and olive oil for finishing
1.  Get out your trusty 2 or 3 quart saucepan, one that has a lid that fits.  Pour in a tablespoon or so of peanut oil – just enough to lightly coat the bottom of the pan.  Add popcorn kernels to cover bottom of pan in a single layer, cover and set over medium high heat on the stovetop. 

2.  Listen for the popping to start and when it gets going rapidly, lift the pan a bit off the burner and shake it to get the unpopped kernels heading toward the bottom.  Return to heat and when the popping slows and/or the popcorn starts pressing off the lid, pour popped corn into a large ceramic or wood bowl (looks, feels and tastes better than metal).  Toss with sea salt and drizzle with a flavorful extra virgin olive oil.
Kitchen Coach Tips
  • Make sure your popcorn is fresh for best ‘pop’ and flavor.  Check the bin area of your grocery or look for a packaged brand like Arrowhead Mills.  Store your popcorn kernels in an air tight container.
  • Popcorn is high in fiber and makes a great no-sugar snack.
  • Drinks with a tart or bitter edge are delicious with this popcorn.  Spike your favorite spicy ginger ale with some pomegranite juice and a hefty squeeze of lime.

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