Real Food.  Simple Cooking.  

Hi!  I’m Amy Andrews, a food and wine educator, writer, and kitchen coach.  I share my words and recipes to hopefully inspire you to cook and cultivate a joyful relationship with food and eating.  After 35 years of controlling my appetite with a diet mindset, I’ve found joy and ease with food (every minute of every day, not just on “cheat days”) by setting aside external rules and connecting with how I want to feel in my body and what I feel like eating.  My current writing project focuses on the rocky road I travelled to get to this place of peace of mind.  


I’m an Oracle alum, professionally trained cook-eater-wine drinker (SF, Provence, and Napa Valley), member of Bakers Dozen San Francisco and FoodCrunch.  If you’re looking for me, I’m usually in the kitchen.



“Amy’s enthusiasm, love, and appreciation of food is contagious!  She simplifies cooking in a way that gives room for pleasant moments in the kitchen.  Amy created and delivered a series of hands-on cooking classes for my clients this fall, an innovative and effective enhancement to their self-care and recovery.”  November 2016

Paige Reddan MS RD LN CDE, Transforming Nutrition Care & Eating Disorder Center of Montana


“Thank you for doing another cooking class and helping people have fun together while they learn to cook better and feed themselves food that will improve their health!  Your sunny personality combined with your depth of knowledge is exactly what is needed.”  December 2015

Becky Franks, Executive Director of the Cancer Support Community, Montana