Wouldn’t it be great to think about food less and enjoy it more?
To allow food and wine to be the pleasures they’re meant to be in life?

My love of food and wine encompasses an appreciation of beauty, sensual pleasure, and connection to place—some of the joys of life. Dieting and an obsession with maintaining a low weight put a damper on those joys for decades of my life. Without any kind of plan or intention, as I was feeding my daughter her first solid food, I realized that I was treating myself in ways that broke my heart. And in that moment I decided, “I will not pass this on.” And so began my journey of learning how to nourish my heart.

I’m not a doctor, counselor, psychologist, or dietitian, but I am an accomplished professional woman, wife, widow and mother, who is grateful for healing, and this joyful phase of work and life. Please join my community of food lovers and Intuitive Eaters @Ripe Food & Wine and #ripeeatingwordsproject.


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