How to Cook Beans

by Feb 22, 2022

A no-recipe, recipe for cooking beans.

Dried beans are simple to cook, they just take a little time—about 90 minutes on the stovetop or about 4–6 hours in a slow cooker. You can soak them the night before, but if you didn’t, don’t fret, just give the beans a good rolling boil for 5 minutes then proceed with cooking, either stovetop or slow cooker. I add about 2-inches of water over the beans, a couple teaspoons of salt for a pound of dried beans (about 2 cups, which yields 4–6 cups cooked), and a glug of olive oil. Beans like to cook gently, so keep them at a simmer or if you’re using the slow cooker, set it to low.

If your beans are super fresh, like those from Rancho Gordo, start checking their doneness on the early side. Store cooked beans in glass jars with their broth. They will keep refrigerated for about a week. Use them to make all kinds of great dinners, from beans and greens (with lots of parmesan and extra olive oil and salt) to soups. Dress a cup or two with vinaigrette and add them to salads. Make hummus or bean purée for under a piece of grilled fish or with roasted vegetables. Enjoy your beans, they’re good for you!

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