Almond Milk

by Dec 31, 2008


Just what is almond “milk” anyway? It is creamy and white, and very delicious tasting, but would you believe it’s basically just almonds and water? Cringing, after another 8 bucks for a smoothie at my local raw food place, I decided to crack open a couple books on the subject and start experimenting. You’ll need a blender and a strainer and a little curiosity. The taste? Way better than what you get in the boxes at the grocery. It’s what’s on the menu for New Years morning at my place (blended with frozen strawberries and a little agave…nectar, not tequila!)

Almond Milk
makes 6 cups
2 cups organic raw almonds
6 cups filtered water
2 – 4 fresh medjool dates
pinch sea salt

1. Place the almonds in a ceramic bowl or pitcher and cover with fresh water. Place in refrigerator and soak overnight, or for at least 4 hours.

2. Rinse almonds, discarding soaking water. Get your strainer or nut milk bag poised over a clean bowl. Puree the almonds with fresh water in two batches, unless you have a huge blender: place half of the almonds in blender and add 3 cups filtered water, a date or two and a pinch of sea salt. Puree for a minute, then pour into your strainer or nut milk bag placed over a clean bowl or pitcher. Puree second batch, dump in strainer and squeeze or press to extract as much liquid as possible. The liquid is your almond milk. (I’m still working on recipes for the remaining solids…stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can store the solids in your freezer for a project or put in your composter.) Almond milk keeps well, refrigerated, for up to 4 days. (The almond milk will separate from the cream, so shake or stir before serving.)

Kitchen Coach Tips

  • Nut milk bags are handy, but not necessary. Improvise with a kitchen strainer or cheesecloth lined colander.
  • Almond milk is terrific in smoothies. Just add frozen berries and a touch of agave nectar.

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