Me?  I have thirty five years experience in chronic dieting, body dysmorphia and disordered eating.  But also a love of food and wine that runs deep.  It is now my mission to help other women (men too!) stop the food weirdness and finally find freedom with food.


Wouldn’t it be great to think about food less and enjoy it more?  To allow food and wine to be the pleasures they’re meant to be in life??


Only you can determine if you need to work with a therapist, or if you just need to snap out of it and do some head-work instead of checking yourself back into the diet program (I’m a “lifetime member” but won’t go back ever again) or following more rules dictated by the latest book or guru (unsustainable and not that fun).    It’s going to take some work, but mostly it’s about awareness instead of checking out.  Kind and loving actions, instead of control and coping.  It is possible to re-wire your brain about food, eating and your body.   It took me awhile, but I did it and You Can Too!  Check out my #eatingwordsproject on Instagram.