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Where Does Your Meat Come From?

Food Crunch Riverbank Conversations, June 2017 in Montana


Ever since my daughter watched Food Inc. there has been chicken resistance in our house.  This bums me out, because pulling a crispy, roast chicken out of the oven is excellent dinner.  But I’m proud that she is thinking about where her food comes from.


The realities of our food system are often disturbing but transparency and education can lead to change.  Always remember that you get to vote for businesses, both small and large, with ever dollar you spend on food.


When I eat meat, I buy mostly from local ranches and from companies that treat animals humanely and the land, sustainably.  High fives for my favorite Montana producers:  Lazy SR Ranch, Yellowstone Grassfed Beef, Amaltheia Pork, John Smith Ranch, Montana Highland Lamb, Montana Meat Co.B-Bar Ranch, and Bar 77 Grass Fed Beef.  (Some of these food producers will ship their products, but I bet you can find people doing things responsibly where you live too.)


The big tent in the photo above shaded the crowd that gathered for the first ever FoodCrunch Riverbank Conversations this past June in the Gallatin Valley.  We at FoodCrunch believe private-sector innovation is one of the four forces that will enable us to address two big issues:  how do we feed 10 billion by 2050 without destroying the planet and what can we do to reverse the negative health impacts of modern diets.  The others are changes in consumer preferences, the work of non-profits and, hopefully, more enlightened government policies at all levels.  Join us at

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