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Food Revolution Day 2013, Madeleines w/French Fridays with Dorie


Bozeman’s Cancer Support Community does good food.  Sometimes we even do good, French food, thanks to all I’ve learned from Dorie Greenspan and the French Fridays group!  In the spirit of Food Revolution Day, May 17, 2013, I hold up the power of real food, home-cooked food, to nurture and heal and bring people together.  For tonight’s CSC class, I will share a Thai Chicken Soup, Apple Fennel Slaw, and Cardamom Macaroons.  Today, I share Dorie’s delicate and fragrant madeleines with you.  This recipe is a great one because you can make the batter in advance, store it in the fridge and bake fresh madeleines on demand.  It is a fairly stable recipe too, and even accommodated my half olive oil, half butter adjustment.  (Lucky me!  Considering I’m teaching a baking with olive oil class on Monday!)  

What will you choose to cook and share with those around you today, this Food Revolution Day?  Get cooking!  And pass it on.

Recipe for Madeleines, pp. 408 – 409 from Around My French Table, by Dorie Greenspan

10 comments on “Food Revolution Day 2013, Madeleines w/French Fridays with Dorie”


    Wow! Sounds like you’re really embodying the spirit of Food Revolution Day. Those madeleines are perfect for sharing. Nice that they accommodated the 1/2 olive oil sub., too.

  2. Kathy

    I’m impressed that you are making such wonderful dishes to share at your CSC class. Your madeleines look wonderful…great idea subbing ½ olive oil for butter…will have to give it a try.

  3. Mardi Michels

    Madeleines are PREFECT for sharing! Thanks for taking part in FRD2013!

  4. Amy Andrews

    Hi Teresa, Kathy, Mardi! Thanks for visiting! Bon Weekend.

  5. thespicylemongrass

    The people at your CSC class are so lucky to be able to enjoy so many wonderful sounding dishes. And I agree with Mardi. Madeleines ARE perfect for sharing.

  6. Trevor Sis Boom

    Whenever I need love I make Madeleines. A great thing to teach!

  7. tricia s.

    Love this- you have taken Food Revolution Day to an even higher level by sharing it with such a worth cause. I am sure that the yummy, home cooked food will surprise the recipients who tend to have a different notion of “health food”. Awesome job !

  8. Cher Rockwell

    Its great that you are able to share on such a large scale! Bravo

  9. acookingmizer

    Oh I love the madelines… I make them often, although not lately… I love using citrus zest and spices to change it slightly but it makes them incredibly addictive! 🙂


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