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Shrimp and Cellophane Noodles w/French Fridays w/Dorie


The highlight of this week’s French Fridays with Dorie assignment was playing with my stash of star anise and Szechuan peppercorns; toast and blend with fennel seeds, cloves and cinnamon, et voilà!  “Chinese 5 Spice Powder”; one teaspoon of which gives depth to this simple stir fry of mung bean (“cellophane”) noodles and shrimp.

The mystery bag ingredient of this dish is the tomato puree Dorie calls for — something that seems a bit odd for Asian noodles.  I hesitantly poured half the amount into my wok full of lovely shrimp, and in the end, it tasted pretty good (especially w/the fresh cilantro and spritz of lime…and spicy peanut sauce which found its way over from our chicken satay accompaniment), but I think the recipe would be way better without it.  (Most of the FFwDorie’ers suspect a major editing error w/regard to this ingredient, “2 cups of tomato???  2 tablespoons, maaaaaybe, but…what the???” being the general consensus.)

Recipe for Shrimp and Cellophane Noodles, pp. 322-323 from Around My French Table, by Dorie Greenspan

7 comments on “Shrimp and Cellophane Noodles w/French Fridays w/Dorie”


    Well done you, making your own 5 spice powder. Had I really thought about it, I probably also have all the necessary ingredients in my spice drawer, but I had already bought 5 spice powder before for another Dorie recipe, and was happy to be able to use it again.

    And yes, I suspect an editing error. There is no way that Dorie would have enjoyed the dish that I made. That and it was red, not orange.


    I kinda like the idea of a spicy peanut sauce going along with this. We added a bit of spicy chili oil, which was nice, but I think peanuts would have been good with this. Yours does look pretty tasty! Nice job!

  3. Cakelaw

    I do like the sound of the satay accompaniment. I tried this with the tomato puree, and didn’t mind it.


    Homemade spice mixes are always better than store bought – it’s just too bad that the dish didn’t measure up for most of us. I skipped the tomato altogether and ended up enjoying the dish quite a bit.

  5. Cher Rockwell

    Yes, I really hope the 2 cups was an error – we found it… odd…

    Satay is always a treat – yum!

  6. Renee Iseson

    Spicy peanut sauce would have been a great addition! Satay is always good!

  7. teaandscones

    making your own 5Spice is a definite plus. Much fresher that way. I KNOW – 2 CUPS – wish I had left it out, or most anyway.


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