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Book Report: The End of Overeating

Yes I did.  I stepped on the darn scale on New Year’s Eve day.  Masochist.  I knew I was up.  I knew I wanted to do something about it “soon”.  But for some reason, I couldn’t allow myself any of the familiar “fun” associated with “I’m going on a diet tomorrow, so I’m going to eat everything in sight tonight”.  Nope.  I needed to hurt myself one last time before deciding to treat myself with compassion and love and respect.

After frantically searching the web for Weight Watchers meetings in my new town, I snapped to my senses.  Why do I habitually hand over responsibility for my eating and its consequences to someone/something other than myself??  I love food and I’m well educated about food.  I also love myself and am finally ready to make choices with food that reflect that.  There is no denying that everything you put in your mouth has an effect on your body — its appearance and function.  Today I make choices that nourish and beautify me, body, mind and spirit.  Food has this power.

And over to the book, The End of Overeating; Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite, by David Kessler, MD.  Food has temendous power.  Sugars, fats, and salt are addictive and when you eat them, you’re going to want more.  Food companies know this.  Restaurants know this.  Recognize sugar, fat and salt as a danger zone and proceed with caution.  Learn the reasons behind our responses to these foods, and how to escape the cue-urge-reward-habit cycle.  A book that will make you think about what and how you eat.  Are you ready to read it?

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